What is Green Gym Day?

It’s a day to celebrate and be active in our public parks all over the world.  Green Gym Day will take place every year on the second Sunday of June. This year, Green Gym Day was on

June 8, 2014. 

See our first mini-video of the day here:  http://www.magisto.com/video/KQBDJwkXHSErRBlgCzE

Who is Green Gym Day for?

Regular people! Families, individuals, couples, groups of friends and co-workers. Individuals who want to get out and have some physical fun solo or as part of a family, or community or work group. Athletes are welcome to inspire us all! Our champions, partners, and supporters include organizations interested in supporting people’s health by helping them become more active while having lots of fun outdoors and businesses with a mission to contribute to their communities and to improve health

Why do we need a Green Gym Day? 
All over the world, people are getting too little activity and spending too much time indoors than is healthy. Who says you need fancy gym to be fit? The answer is "right in our own backyards!" Parks offer many fun opportunities to be physically active while providing the extra health benefits of being outdoors in nature. Green Gym Day is all about the idea that parks are great places to move our bodies in ways that are not necessarily “exercise”—from walking to playing catch—in our own “green gyms.” It is a simple, understandable, do-able first step and is part of the larger and growing movement to help people of all ages and abilities to be more active and to get outdoors.   

How does Green Gym Day work? 

Whether you're an individual, a parent, a group, a business,  a government agency, or a nonprofit organization--you're invited!  June 8th is your day to get out of whatever box you're in and get outdoors. Take advantage of the freedom and opportunity to spend time moving your body around in a park, or other outdoor space.  Invite others and be part of the movement to get parks on more people's radar as a place to take a walk, play a game of catch, take part in a class, or join a team sport.  

You can interpret Green Gym Day as you wish. 
  • If you’re in NYC, you can join Nancy Bruning as she hikes the 6 northern Manhattan Parks (more information go to our "How to Participate“ page).
  • Or use the idea and hike from one park to another in your own community.
  • You can use the opportunity to enjoy activities that exist and are ongoing in your park. Have you always wanted to play volleyball or ping pong? Now's your chance!
  • You'll find plenty of park games (both American and British) on our “How to Participate” page
Or you can organize an activity especially developed for the day--a local 5k run, maybe? And you can use the Green Gym Day template we'll provide for flyers to invite people to be active with you!  

Register on our "Join Us " page, send us comments on our "Guest Page" and post comments, photos, and videos on our Green Gym Day Facebook and Twitter page to share your experiences to be used in an inspiring
video collage.  

Happy Green Gym Day!
Join the Movement!
Make every day a Green Gym Day!

Left Photo Credit: Aliza Holtz

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